Steve The Locksmith, 1st Abracadabras Locksmiths

Several years ago we had a flue-less gas fire installed in our home on the basis it is over 99% efficient - that is to say no heat disappears up a flue.

At the time, British Gas serviced our gas boiler and appliances, but refused to service the fire - a standard policy with British Gas. So other than a 'clean' the fire has remained un-serviced or tested.

During Martyn's 10 minute presentation he stated that these fires should have regular servicing from 5 years post installation. As our boiler was due for its annual checkup we added the fire to the list of items for Martyn to check.

Not only did he check the fire and report it was perfectly safe with no fumes being emitted, he also cleaned the glass - a fact that Mrs D noticed immediately.

So, we can rest in peace, knowing that not only our boiler but also our fire is operating safely and effectively.

Many thanks for another job well done!
-.~~ ~
Steve the Locksmith, - better to be safe and secure than a statistic!



Paul & Alison Whitfield - Action Coach

Myself and Alison just wanted to write to express our thanks for the work you have recently carried out in our house. After experiencing a number of bad trade’s people during the renovation of our house we were sceptical about engaging the services of others. However I am pleased to say that from our initial meeting where you gave us honest advice and a competitive quote to the work you have carried out we have nothing but good things to even tidied up after yourself so could still use the room in the evenings. The finished product is of a high standard and even looks better than it did originally.

Thank you again fro restoring our faith and I am happy to be able to recommend Back On Tap Plumbing to family and friends who are looking for a high quality and honest plumber.

Paul & Alison Whitfield


Steve the Locksmith (Not a Plumber)

We moved into our current house some 25 years ago and have had ongoing problems with leaks from our en-suite shower for most of that time. The builder fitted a standard tray tiled on either side which developed a leak after a few months. On lifting the tiles we discovered they had simply been laid over plaster board. We replaced the plaster board, inserted some plastic sheeting and then re-tiled, this solved the problem for quite a while but a few years ago the leak returned and we had to have our ceiling repaired.

We then fitted a full size tray and a new screen but the problem returned, so we ceased using the en-suite shower and used the communal shower (there's only myself and my wife in the house now).

I recently called out Martyn of Back On Tap plumbing and he readily identified the problem(s). I had sealed the shower door on the inside rather than the outside and had applied silicone over silicone which does not bond.

Martyn removed all the existing sealant, resealed and now we have no leaks. In addition he replaced the plastic washer on the bathroom basin and bath with brass ones resulting in the taps staying in situ when used.

I now know I need to stick to locksmith work and where plumbing is concerned call in professional -which Martyn is, and an added benefit is I am no longer getting earache from Mrs Duncan

Steve the Locksmith, not a Plumber! - better to be safe and secure than a statistic!


Anthony Miller - David J Miller Insurance Brokers Ltd

Dear Martyn,

I would like to take the oppurtunity on behalf of David Miller Insurance Brokers to say thank you for your prompt service when one of the toilets within the office needed replacing.

You came out to inspect the damage the same day and was able to give us a prompt and competitive quotation.

You were then able to carry out the work next day with the minimum of disruption to the business.

David Miller Insurance Brokers have no hesitaion in recommending you to friends, family and clients in the future.

Yours sincerely

Mr Anthony Miller


Yvonne McAllister

I am writing to say thank you for the service you provided in fitting my new shower.

I was recommended to contact you by colleague Philip Hills and also my sister 'Irene Flegg' who have both had work carried out and recommended your services.

The work was professionaly carried out, at the time agreed and at a competitive price.

So once again thank you and I would not hesitate in engaging your services for any future work or recommending your services to family, friends and colleagues.


Mrs Yvonne McAllister


Irene Flegg

Dear Martyn,

I am writing to say thank you for the fantastic service you provided in fitting my new Gas Boiler.

I was recommended to contact you by my colleague Phillip Hills and you returned my call straight away and arranged to visit my home that night.

You were able to give me a quotation straight away which proved to be more than £450 cheaper than the next quotation.

An installation date was arranged at my convenience and the work was completed within the day.

So once again thank you and I would not hesitate in engaging your services for any future work or recommending your services to family, friends and colleagues.


Mrs Irene Flegg


Kath Molyneux, Stream

Thank you for another great job done.

It’s just fab to have a plumber who answers his phone, arrives when he says he’s going to and, most importantly, does a really good job when he gets there.

Fixing the showers for our local football team’s changing-rooms means that the hot water won’t drip away, so we save both on electricity and the water bill.

Thanks Martyn and Back on Tap!

Kath Molyneux, Stream


Ian Smallwood

I write by way of testimony for the excellent jobs you recently undertook at our home
address. The jobs ranged from an outside tap to a leaky cistern with bits in between and
had been loose ends for too long.
Your attitude to getting the various jobs ticked off was first class, working your through
them methodically and diligently.
May I also commend you in the timely fashion you were able to do the work
considering I only rang you the day before and you were finishing your jobs off prior to
going on training the following week.
I will not hesitate to recommend and promote your services in the future and wish you
every success. ,
Yours faithfully
Ian Smallwood,

Helen Birtwistle, Travel Counsellors

A dripping/leaking tap is annoying and can be expensive if left to carry on,
especially aswe are on a water meter.
We bought a new tap and my husband said 'I'll fit it on the weekend'. I've
been married to him for 34 years and I know with certainty that he and
plumbing are not a good idea although his pride will not allow him to admit it.
I envisioned spending all Saturday afternoon soothing his fevered brow and
listening to the expletives coming from the bathroom and then thought of you
I knew that my Saturday afternoon could be rescued if only I could get you
round to my house whilst Phil wasn't in and get the job done.
One phone call and you were round within the hour, 20 minutes later the new
tap was in place and no leak, no swearing and no need to sooth your fevered
Of course, when Phil came home I confessed that I'd arranged for a 'tap. fairy'
to call and now we could spend Saturday afternoon going for a nice long walk
in the country ending with a beer garden. You see, I know how to handle him!
Thank you Martyn for your prompt, efficient and cheerful service - I have no
problem in recommending you to my friends, family and business contacts.
Yours Sincerely,
Helen & Phil Birtwistle.
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